Event More
When French Elegance Meets Swiss Precision
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Event More is a boutique agency dedicated to planning memorable events and managing beautiful destinations. While based in Miami, the Event More team spans the entire US thanks to its expansive network of local experts, so your event needs are covered wherever you go.


Meet Severine

A strong believer in teamwork, Severine has worked passionately in the events and finance industry in Paris for nearly 20 years. Now, she’s pushing her limits starting Event More to deliver top-quality events and experiences. Her endless curiosity, creativity, and attention to detail enable her to turn vibrant ideas into tasteful and elegant affairs. Her passion for travel and luxury keeps her current on the latest trends, the coolest venues, and feeds her eternally positive attitude for handling her clients’ needs.

On top of all of that, her knack for developing good relationships helps her build Event More’s stable of the best vendors and experts in order to pull off the best events possible for her clients.



Originally from Switzerland, Camille has traveled a lot. After spending a year in Hawaii and studying event management, she came to run VIP hospitality for the EURO Soccer Cup in France. It was there she fell in love with planning events.

Now, Camille is settled in Miami, ready to take part in its eternally exotic evolution. She’s very sensitive to client needs and her passion for fashion and decor keeps her on top of the latest trends. Trendy, trustworthy, and on top of the details, Camille is ready to bring client visions to reality.

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